The Sirius Report +Plus is a subsidiary of The Sirius Report. It is the exclusive member area for The Sirius Report +Plus membership. Here, you can subscribe to become a +Plus member and access +Plus membership content. The main contributors to +Plus member content are Ken Schortgen and Paul. Members also have access to exclusive guest interviews.

Ken has a BA in History and Political Science and has previously worked in the IT sector. In addition to his historical background, he has a keen interest in, and deep understanding of, economics and precious metals. He has written extensively on these topics, contributing to several publications including his own website He describes himself as ‘a historian who dabbles in economics’ and says that ‘in all things, it is people who drive society forward. And among them I am simply an observer who seeks to share any truth and wisdom I can glean from life’s time and events’.

Paul has a long track record of accurate predictions and analysis on geopolitical and economic affairs. Originally a physicist, he was awarded a PhD in biomolecular physics, after which he spent some time working in academia. He then went on to work in the financial services sector and worked in some major banks until the financial crisis of 2008, when he left the banking sector to work in the precious metals sector. In addition to his vast understanding of economics and precious metals (a friend of his once jokingly said that Paul is “the only person I know who really understands derivatives”), he has always had a keen interest in geopolitics. Through years of diligent research and conversations with certain key “insiders”, he has been able to gain a unique understanding of a geopolitical shift towards a multipolar paradigm that is now shaping the world in the 21st century. For privacy reasons, Paul prefers not to be known by his real name. He also feels that the primary focus should be on his work rather than on his identity.

Paul and Ken are not motivated by party politics and do not adhere to any particular political, religious or other movement or “ism”. They like a common sense approach to everything and see it has their responsibility to deliver completely objective, unbiased and no-nonsense analysis, even if that means going against popular opinion.

Ken and Paul first became acquainted through their affiliation with Rogue News and went on to become main contributors to The Gadfly Multi-Channel Network. They developed a close friendship during that time and decided to join efforts and launch The Sirius Report +Plus in 2022.

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