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Ken Schortgen and ‘London Paul’ are the two main contributors of The Sirius Report +Plus. You can find more information here.

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+Plus membership content covers a wider range of topics and is a joint effort between Paul and Ken Schortgen. It also includes guest interviews and Q&A sessions. Whereas the podcasts provide very in-depth, detailed analysis in a more formal style, the +Plus content has a more informal tone and takes a more high level approach. We do our best to avoid duplication of content between the two services. Although there may be slight overlap at times, there will still be a difference in how topics are approached.

When you sign up for a +Plus membership, you will get access to regular content in the form of videos and articles. Ken and Paul provide multiple pieces of content per week on current events. There will also be occasional guest interviews and Q&A sessions. Topics include geopolitics, economics, precious metals, cryptocurrency and blockchain.