Our mission

When we started The Sirius Report in 2016, the idea of multipolarity was not as widely known as it is today and many were sceptical about it. However, we have been consistent in our analysis from the beginning, discussing topics such as de-dollarisation, the unbreakable alliance of Russia and China and the creation of an alternative non-Western dominated financial system.

Today, all of these changes are in full swing and the emergence of a multipolar world has become an undeniable reality. De-dollarisation is well underway, with Russia and China ditching the dollar in bilateral trade and announcing the creation of a new independent financial system in December 2021. Other nations are following suit, with India seeking to substitute SWIFT by expanding bilateral trade in rupees and Saudi Arabia considering accepting yuan for Chinese oil sales instead of dollars. New alliances are being formed between countries in the so-called Global South such as the BRICS alliance, which continue to expand.

Russia is in favor of a multipolar world, a democratic world order, strengthening the system of international law, and for developing a legal system in which any small country, even a very small country, can feel itself secure, as if behind a stone wall. … Russia is ready to become part of this multipolar world and guarantee that the international community observes these rules. And not as a superpower with special rights, but rather as an equal among equals.

Vladimir Putin, 2007

Of course such changes are not made overnight. We became aware many years ago that the foundations for the creation of a new multipolar international order were laid over two decades ago. With this knowledge, we have been able to accurately predict many unfolding geopolitical and global economic events at a time when most western analysts did not even dream of the possibility of a Russian-Chinese alliance, let alone a multipolar world.

In the face of the profoundly changed international landscape and the objective need for the world to rally closely together like passengers in the same boat, all countries should join hands in building a new type of international relations featuring cooperation and mutual benefit, and all peoples should work together to safeguard world peace and promote common development.

Xi Jinping, 2013

At the same time, we have been tracking closely the decline of the Western financial system and the US-led unipolar world order. In 2007, Paul wrote to the UK government warning them of an imminent financial collapse and advising them to avoid at all cost the implementation of Quantitative Easing. Needless to say, his words went unnoticed and the rest is history. As a consequence, the Western financial system is now once again facing collapse. However, this time the world is in a very different place than it was in 2008. De-dollarisation, new global alliances, the rise of emerging economies in the Global South and spiralling debt and inflation in Western economies are posing serious challenges to the so-called ‘liberal international order’. Western nations therefore face a choice: embrace change or be crushed by it.

It is our mission to help guide you through these challenging times, offering insight into the changes that are occurring and providing a positive outlook on the future.

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